Act2Inspire | When was the last time you thought about consequences of your actions?

Are our actions affecting others? Do they affect them in a positive or a negative way? What can we do to ensure that our actions are right and inspiring for others? Well, these are the questions that we usually do not ask ourselves, but maybe it’s time to start doing it.

We, as a youth of today, should care about problems our society faces since we are living in it today and we are going to live in it tomorrow. Going out on the elections and voting instead of going out for a coffee with friends, or sorting garbage out and putting it off in recycling bins instead of throwing it unsorted in one bag, or accepting and including in a society a person that is different in any way from the majority instead of making fun of that person, are actions that we need to do in order to make world a better place today, because the change needs to happen now, so that future can seem the way we want it to seems.

That’s why we, as AIESEC Serbia, the biggest youth organization run by students in our country, are conducting 5 different projects in more than 8 different places all over Serbia. We are trying to influence education from the youngest children to the students in our universities, then we making efforts to include socially vulnerable groups in our daily life and to raise awareness about them and also we are giving support to our start-ups and small companies to expand and find innovative ways to do their businesses. And all of them this summer.

This summer we are going to influence more than 1.600 children in kindergarten, 1.000 students in primary and high schools, 200 students in universities and 30 companies. In general that means that we are going to influence and inspire more that 2.500 people all over Serbia through different workshops and educational projects.

Act today, inspire tomorrow is slogan that we created in hope that our actions really are going to influence others and inspire that to do good things as we are trying to do for our environment and our country.
In the following paragraphs you can read more about our projects and what exactly we are going to do this summer in Serbia.

International Kindergarten – By creating a positive, stimulating and diverse learning environment where every child feels safe and accepted and has the chance to experience something different from safe and familiar, we are directly impacting the educational system and enrichment of younger generations. By doing that, we are making sure that the world is in the safe hands and that they will make positive changes in it and treat our planet, people and themselves with the respect and compassion that they deserve. The project is all about educating young generations to live in a society free from hatred and discrimination through diverse and international environment in which they can improve their language and cross-cultural knowledge and grow to be caring and non-judgmental.

Through Empower Youth project, we created systematic education program adapted to the students in elementary and high schools in duration of 6 weeks. In this period, students will have chance to gain certain knowledge and skills through interactive workshops held by international volunteers. In project plan for elementary school are language workshops where elementary school students can explore culture and language by international volunteers and also develop communication skills. For high school students, intended workshops are about professional orientation, where they are going to get perspective about different professions and also develop certain communication skills.

Global School of Entrepreneurship – Whole project is created in cooperation with entrepreneurial community from our country. With this project we want to indirectly influence unemployment by educating about entrepreneurship and promoting idea of self-employment among youth in Serbia. Interns will be a team leader of teams that consist of a few Serbian students. Together they will have educations on different topics about entrepreneurship. The aim of every team is to create entrepreneurial idea and everything will be in charge of developing and implementing that idea. Output of their work will be business plan which will be developed in their teams with fully monitoring of our mentors from companies, alumni etc.

Through Social Care project we want to affect lack of public awareness about socially vulnerable groups and insufficient financial support for the same. We offer support to families who are facing this problem through direct work with children and organization of charity events. These are institutions with primary mission in helping children from socially vulnerable groups, or children that have certain chronic diseases. The impact of this project is certainly a direct work with children, which enables the development of creativity, patience and tolerance, responsibility, new skills and practical experience, but the biggest impact of the project is the fact that we have helped someone else who needs help and support of society.

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